How Can Becoming ECMO Certified and Trained Benefit Your Career?

August 24, 2022 by Vivacity Perfusion0

How Can Becoming ECMO Certified and Trained Benefit Your Career?

Are you considering becoming ECMO certified to advance your expertise and increase your pay? Well, you are in the right place. There are a variety of benefits to becoming certified. ECMO is a specialty skill set that directly correlates with the medical team in life-saving procedures. Before you can train to be an ECMO specialist, you must already have training as a medical professional. Continue reading to learn more about how ECMO can increase your overall salary and make a much-needed difference in patient care.

ECMO Training

According to Career Trend, “ECMO training focuses on the operation of ECMO machinery, testing procedures that must accompany ECMO treatments, and complications that can occur during such treatments. ECMO trainees must have a solid educational and experiential background in their given fields.” The training involved to become ECMO certified can range from a three-day course or on the job training. This training will prepare you for everything that is needed to become a professional in the field of ECMO.

What Education Requirements are Needed to Become Certified?

To become ECMO certified, you must hold a healthcare degree and specialized training. ECMO specialists are typically registered nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, or perfusionists. Physicians will need to graduate from a medical school and complete the required residency program. ECMO training courses consist of lectures, water drills, simulations, and bedside time with trained ECMO specialists. Hands-on training is crucial to the success of qualified ECMO specialists.

ECMO Job Duties

  • Monitor the patient’s vitals and overall condition which includes but is not limited to blood pressure and heart rate. 
  • Perform blood tests to determine if there is an infection or disease present. 
  • Follow up with patients after their discharge from the hospital to ensure they are recovering properly. 
  • Conduct research regarding patient care to complete a strategic plan to benefit the patient. 
  • Maintain and monitor the patient while they are on ECMO.


ECMO Specialists Salary

The average ECMO specialist salary in the United States is $72,930 per year. As you become more experienced in the field you can expect your salary to increase by $15,000 to $20,000. As a perfusionist, you are also trained in ECMO which is a great way to increase your monthly income and salary. As there is a shortage of ECMO specialists and perfusionists, considering a career in perfusion is a great way to not only make a difference but increase your streams of revenue.

Overall Thoughts

Becoming ECMO-trained and certified is a great move to make within your medicalcareer. It will open a variety of doors for your future career path. ECMO specialists are in high demand and are often always able to find work in a variety of locations and settings. If you are looking to expand your career and make a difference contact Vivacity Perfusion today to see how we can help you further your career in ECMO as well as perfusion.

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