How are ECMO Machines Used to Help Covid Patients?

August 17, 2022 by Vivacity Perfusion0

How are ECMO Machines Used to Help Covid Patients?

Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (also known as ECMO) machines offer life-saving support for even the sickest of COVID-19 patients. ECMO does the job of the lungs and or the heart which allows one’s organs to recover when they are battling the horrid COVID-19 virus. ECMO is abig part of the medical industry, to treat critically ill patients who need either temporary or permanent support.

While ECMO was not initially intended for COVID-19 patients, many experts were quite hesitant about using ECMO as a treatment. However, upon trying this life-saving treatment, the survival rate for COVID-19 patients increased tremendously with the use of ECMO. According to M Health Lab, “As more centers began to try it, the survival rate mirrored that of ECMO’s use in other forms of acute lung failure, as the team behind the new paper reported a year ago.”

At Vivacity Perfusion, we specialize in providing ECMO for patients suffering from a wide variety of illnesses. By offering staffing to hospitals around the United States, Vivacity Perfusion is at the forefront of offering care for all of those suffering from COVID-19 as well as heart conditions. Continue reading to learn more about how ECMO machines are used to help COVID patients.

How ECMO is Helping COVID-19 Patients

While there is always more to learn in the medical industry, one thing that we do know is that COVID-19 primarily affects the lungs of patients. When your body’s lungs are not working, they can not properly exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. ECMO support allows patients’ bodies to take the extra time that they need to overcome this virus. ECMO has already been shown to be a promising way to save lives. Just like many other health conditions, the earlier it is treated the better. The sooner severe patients go on ECMO the better their chances of survival are as well as avoiding organ failure that many COVID-19 patients are suffering from.

The Connection Between COVID and Lung Failure

Covid can severely damage a person’s lungs as well as heart. In the most severe of cases, acute respiratory distress syndrome can occur which is another possible complication resulting from Covid. While the patient’s lungs can recover from Covid, it will not happen immediately and that is where ECMO comes into assistance. There is no doubt that ECMO has saved countless lives but it is giving Covid patients around the world a much higher chance of survival.

How Long Does a Patient Need to be on ECMO For?

The time frame that patients are on ECMO can differ from person to person. Typically, patients are on ECMO for only a few hours to a few days. However, in more severe situations this can last weeks. Doctors and physicians work to get patients off of ECMO as soon as possible.


Final Thoughts on ECMO as it Relates to COVID-19

ECMO is far from a cure for Covid, but it is reassuring to see the massive amount of growth that it has had for so many families. As ECMO continues to grow from being used in pediatrics to adults, and now to Covid patients, the growth of this life-saving machine is just starting. At Vivacity Perfusion, we are changing the way you as well as your hospital staff perfusionists and ECMO specialists. We offer immediate, reliable pediatric and adult ECMO staffing around the United States.

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