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Looking for temporary, per diem or locum tenens perfusion staffing? Partner with us to have access to our team of highly trained perfusionists who will fill in when you find yourself needing coverage. Our team consists of certified cardiovascular perfusionists capable of covering a variety of cases requiring perfusion services. From VADs, ECMO, Cardiac Cases, and XVIVO lung transplant, our team members have been on the front lines of today’s most technological cases offered. As an expert Perfusion services provider, Vivacity provides all the liability coverage needed for our staff to seamlessly fill in within your operating rooms.

We try not to be one-size-fits-all with pricing and coverage are happy to collaborate on something that is specific to your needs.

Looking for a full time staff member? We can assist with that, as well! We will share your job posting within our network and beyond. When a candidate is placed, we charge a one-time headhunting fee.

Along with contract services, Vivacity can provide all needed equipment and disposables for your account. Ask us about disposables today!

We’d love to be of service in all your perfusion needs!

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Cardiopulmonary Bypass

All types of cardiac procedures

Intra-aortic Ballon Pump (IABP)

Insertion and monitoring

Intraoperative Blood Management

Customized Programs

ECMO Coverage

Pediatric and adult

Ventricular Assistance Device

LVAD/RVAD/BIVAD Insertion and monitoring

Autologous Blood Return

Results in fewer patient allogenic blood transfusions

All of Vivacity Perfusion’s cardiovascular perfusionist are current members of and All perfusionist are board certified and follow the current guidelines for perfusion practice provided by

We provide quality staffing, straightforward pricing and coverage you can count on when you need it most. Our expert perfusionists and ECMO specialists are highly trained, certified and flow seamlessly with your team to ensure the best outcomes for your patients.

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